Also, could someone make a GIFset of the times that Blaine has politely said “thank you” to the really inappropriate things people keep saying/doing to him?  Two this episode:

Becky: (re: the Cheerios! uniform she’s just shoved into his hands) “I’ll help you put it on.”  

Blaine: “No thank you, Becky.”  

Becky: (pulls his head down into a kiss on the lips) “I LOVE YOU!”

Blaine: “thank you”

+ after Tina’s comments about his butt; “give yourself to the Warblers in exchange for this trophy,” et cetera.  And note that what he gets out of Tina’s post-Vaporape tirade at him is that he hasn’t been grateful enough.  Arg.

blaine you matter

ETA: Three!  Three this episode!  He thanks Sue after her little speech about him being a shiny non-sexually-threatening gay she can make hoist her Cheerios! over his head.

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