my identity has been stolen

Blaine is fairly confident that he could prove Sue forged his name on her Cheerios! contract, but doesn’t take legal action with regard to it, her identity theft/credit fraud, or the banner (which surely would get a normal teacher suspended at least).  The only way I can see to bringing her down through joining Cheerios! is by gathering evidence of further wrongdoing by her towards and in association with the members of that organization - apparently what she’s already done to Blaine isn’t expected to carry enough weight to get her ousted now.

I mean, the fact is pretty obvious that actually trying to go forward for rectification of any of Sue’s actions is taking your life in your hands.  I am of the opinion that Blaine and Sam probably hatched their plot after her attacks, when it became clear that openly defying her would be futile and dangerous.  I don’t know how “going undercover” is going to actually end up helping anything other than Blaine’s mental health, but I guess that’s good enough for me.  He may be rolling over and taking this crap, but at least he can feel like he’s doing it on his terms with an agenda of his own backed up by someone/something (Sam/the Secret Society of Superheroes) he actually wants to give his loyalty to.  At least he’s recognizing his inability to say no, in this situation and in general, and making Sue’s recognition of that his power in some way. (didn’t I have a post earlier this year about Blaine and Marina + the Diamonds and learning to use the way other people use you?)

I’m worried about the end of the season, when Sue will almost certainly not have lost (it’s one of the major tenets of this show that Sue never truly loses).  Either the secret plot will not be brought up out loud because it’s mainly existing as scaffolding against total collapse in Blaine’s head, or it will fail outright, or it will seem to succeed but Sue’s behavior will be revealed as one directed toward Blaine’s betterment (see her speech about commitment - but THIS DOESN’T JUSTIFY ANYTHING, SUE).  Or Blaine is going to get Stockholm Syndrome and drop it explicitly.  Or maybe it succeeds and Sue goes to New York, which augh.  I just don’t know.  It’s going to kill me seeing him in his Cheerios! uniform every week until we find out.

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